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Dragon simulation games are awesome as such games are unique gameplay and it is fun to breed dragons and collect them. Lots of gamers are searching for such games and social points. You will love the fact that this is F2P game with interesting and interactive visuals. There are so many things to do like breeding dragons, taking them to battle and winning over opponent with powerful attacks. On the other hand, developers provide the in-app purchases as it can help in acquiring currencies according to need. If someone does not want to spend money in exchange for virtual currency then dragon city unlimited gems can help. Still, you should try the basic tips and play, if you face any issue then use a generator or spend money.

How To Collect Gold?

There is no doubt that gold is imperative as it is the primary currency of the game and if you are not able to collect it in sufficient amount then it is hard to progress. Well, you can use some basic methods to collect gold with ease.

·          Habitats of dragons can provide gold and this is easiest method offered by developers to earn gold faster.

·          There are so many quests that you can do to help.

·          The events offered are awesome but little bit typical method. Still, you can get a good amount less time.

·          If you love to battle then why not use it in earning gold. As you dragon wins a battle then you can earn a good amount of gold.

·          The effective and instant method to earn a higher amount of gold is dragon city hack apk and it is used by many gamers.

With this amount of gold, you are able to get new dragons, upgrade the existing one by purchasing food and this is also helpful in upgrading habitats to get higher amount of gold. Try to collect as much as you can.

How To Get EXP Fast?

As you know, that is hard to progress, and if you are not able to earn a decent amount. Simply leveling up is helpful in getting EXP. This is the same for dragons' upgrades and winning in battle. Try to pay little bit attention and earn faster. With the dragon city hack no survey, you are able to grab gold, EXP, gems and Food too.  

In addition, it is easy to win and be the top gamer soon. It's a good time to start playing with the earth dragons because it's more than gold in habitats. Try to upgrade all the important buildings to build an awesome dragon city.